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Monthly Archives: January 2017

6. Sea-Going Employment

My cousin David had given me one of his radio officer’s uniforms and my mother had altered it to fit me as David was a good deal taller than I. It was an expensive black doeskin double-breasted jacket and trousers and the cap fitted perfectly. The sleeves were emblazoned with one gold stripe with green […]

5. Fishguard

The pub was going nowhere and our family were all sick of living in the city, so the next move was to Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, Southwest Wales. We had somehow bought a house near the Strumble Head lighthouse overlooking the Irish Sea. The green rolling hills and winding laneways with blackberry hedgerows was a breath […]

4. Ashton-Under-Lyne

My father had always dreamed of owning a pub in the country, having a variety of cheeses on the counter and serving a nice drop of ale to a customer.  Suddenly without much warning, we were moving to Ashton-under-lyne to a pub on the corner of a dirty street, opposite a cinema, with another pub […]

3. Study

When I left school at 15, Aunt Alice organised an interview for me with the local Walls Ice Cream factory for a vacancy in their laboratory. It did not in the least excite me and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Fortunately before I could attend the interview, a letter came from the Derbyshire County […]

2. Teenage Years

At 11 years old, I went to West End Secondary Modern School because I had failed the 11 plus exam which decided whether you went to grammar school and on to university, or, if you failed, went to secondary school and learned trades. The teachers were a lot better than the ones at primary school, […]

1. Early Years

I was born in Manchester, England at the Stretford Memorial Hospital, less than a mile from the Old Trafford Cricket Ground and the Manchester United Football Club Stadium, but my early memories were about life at Deep Clough, Derbyshire where I grew up. We lived in a semi-detached house in a valley about 7 miles […]